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Immerse yourself in our transformative programs designed to equip you with the essential skills and mindset to thrive in various areas of your life. Whether you're aiming to become a confident leader, master the art of video presence, excel in interviews, set and achieve your goals, build a powerful personal brand, or land your dream job, we have immersive and intensive programs tailored to your specific needs.

Let your dreams lead the way!


Career Programs

Unlock your career potential and gain the necessary skills and insights to fast-track your professional growth.



Dive deep into the art of personal branding and create a compelling brand identity that sets you apart from the crowd.



Discover your unique leadership style and unleash your full potential as a visionary and influential leader



Live Your Purpose

4 week class

This program creates a shift for many people who dig in and do the work. You’ll have clarity on your purpose and what you are here to do.


More importantly you’ll SEE and HEAR the impact you want to make in the world. THAT’S when the magic begins to happen. You find the words, you manifest the people to help you, and those that you can help! 

The magic - It’s already in YOU! It’s my purpose in life to get it OUT of you! 


Most clients I’ve worked with have gotten their dream job or started a business with a powerful foundation.


Classes will be once a week with the ability to connect via text or email.


Week 1: Building YOUR Container (Your Mission, Your Vision) 


Week 2: Aligning your Container to YOUR energy (Resume/LinkedIn/Bio/Short Bio/Social/ About me Page) 


Week 3: Being in the VIBRATION of your energy (voice/integration)


Week 4: Manifesting Your Mission (Awareness, People helping)


"A Visionary sees the world differently and must embrace what only they can see and hear. The world needs it"

"The best work with clients has never come from something in 'one-take'. The magic happens when they are confident in their own self-expression. The only way to get there is to practice."

-Celeste Gehring 

-Celeste Gehring

VB Leader

VB Leader

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