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Hi, I'm Celeste.

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Let's Go!

Building your story starts here


Let's Build Your Vision Together!

I grew up knowing my dreams would lead me to help others make an impact. I wasn’t sure how I would, but I knew I wanted people to be confident through authentically expressing themselves.

After my time at LSU, I began my television career at CNN/SI. I  logged highlights and worked long nights. We used video to inform, excite, inspire, and move people to action. I became addicted to the power of storytelling through television.

In my 16-year career at FOX Sports in Los Angeles, I started as an entry-level employee and worked my way up to a  VP of Operations and Production. I traveled and assembled some of the best talent in the business with world stages at Olympic Games, Super Bowls, and NBA Finals. It was through these events I learned the art of immersive storytelling to reach worldwide audiences.

During my corporate career, I had the honor to speak at schools and interact with people from all walks of life. From on-air talent to network executives to students.

These passionate and driven individuals started seeking me out to get clarity on their brand and voice. This is when I saw another level of helping others to make an impact. That’s why I founded VISIONARY BUILDING!


Visionary Building was born to help you align your personal or professional brand to get your dream job or bring your business to the next level. Through voice- whether written or spoken- Visionary Building will help you get out of your own way!  


As part of Visionary Building’s programs, Celeste is a highly sought-after speaker who does motivational speaking at conferences, and gives workshops and retreats! 

VB's goal is to make your voice rock. Let’s make sure it’s the loudest voice you hear and  put all those “other voices” on mute so that the visionary in you comes out. Let’s make sure you can see and hear yourself so you can connect to your audience and move them. 


Only then can you create the impact you want to leave and contribute to humanity in a way that compliments who you really are and what you really want.  


I see you. I hear you. My heart is open- my desire for you to succeed is overflowing. Let’s build your vision together!  

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